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New Museum for Architecture and Design

A new museum of architecture and design is coming to Helsinki. The museum will combine the current Museum of Finnish Architecture and the Design Museum and their extensive collections. The new Museum for Architecture and Design is open to all, offering experiences and inspiration with its content and services.

Finnish design and architecture deserve an internationally appealing building that invites visitors to enjoy new experiences, discussions and to discover new perspectives.

The new Museum for Architecture and Design will offer a setting for Finnish design and architecture and international dialogue.

The new museum building will enable the realisation of current content and services. New technologies will make them accessible to the whole world.

By the sea, in the heart of the city

The new museum will be situated on Helsinki’s seafront, in the South Harbour’s Makasiiniranta district. Together with the Market Square, the Old Market Hall and the re-developed Makasiiniranta area, the museum will be part of a vivid, open and walkable city centre.

In April 2022, the Foundation for the Finnish Museum of Architecture and Design was established. The mission of the foundation is to establish a new Museum of Architecture and Design of a high international standard.

A design competition for the museum building will be launched after the final decision to build the museum is taken. Based on the competition, a more detailed timeline will be made on the development, zoning and construction of the new museum building.

Both the City of Helsinki and the State of Finland have conditionally committed to backing the new museum with equal donations. So far, three private foundations (The Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation, the Finnish Cultural Foundation and the Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland) have joined the project.

The museum will be a one-of-a-kind museum of the highest international standard, and it will carry out the duties of a memory organisation wisely and responsibly.

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Photo: Kari Ylitalo