Siirry sisältöön

Digital design

Helsinki strives to be the city that makes the best use of digitalisation in the world. Design lies at the heart of digital services development and the implementation of the City of Helsinki digitalisation programme. With more than 1,000 digital channels, the City tackles a major design task.

Digital design is a growing area of design at the City of Helsinki. Digital design incorporates service design, user interface design, content design and customer research. The City employs five digital design teams and a large number of digital service designers in diverse projects.

Design helps the City to ensure that digital services are developed together with citizens and truly from their needs.

The development of digital customer experience supports the achievement of the City’s important strategic goals, strengthens public participation and underpins good life in Helsinki. Design helps the City to recognise the opportunities offered by digitalisation, also in the development of internal operations and in improving employee experience.

The City’s current top-priority project in digital design is a reform of the main City website The City’s annual investment in design through the website reform is more than one million euros. The reform is carried out with the help of Helsinki Design System to ensure a uniform visual identity, consistent user experience and accessibility in the City’s digital services.

Photo: Jussi Hellsten