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Proposals selected for the second phase of the Makasiiniranta competition

At the turn of the year, the nine entries for the first phase of the Makasiiniranta competition were publicly available for viewing and comments on the Voice your opinion service. The jury has selected the four best entries for the second phase of the competition: Ahti, Boardwalk,
Makasiinipromenadi and Saaret

“In its evaluation, the jury emphasised in particular the overall solution of the plans, i.e. how the idea fits into the iconic landscape of the South Harbour and its historical values, as well as whether the entry is workable and feasible in practice. In the evaluation, we also considered the quality of the walking environment and urban space to be important, as well as the implementation of climate-smart solutions in the ideas,” says Juhana Vartiainen, Mayor of Helsinki, chair of the jury.

As the merit of the Ahti entry, the jury sees the professional combination of city planning, architecture, public outdoor spaces, sustainable development and diverse functions. The involvement of city residents and the Baltic Sea theme are also highlighted in the entry. The entry was prepared by the working group Elävä Eteläsatama.

The jury describes the architecture of the Boardwalk entry as sculptural and unique. The entry has a strong identity and architectural concept. The entry was prepared by a group led by Aalto Development Oy.

Concerning the Makasiinipromenadi entry, the jury highlights the consideration of the history of the area. The competition entry works as a harmonious continuation of the valuable cultural environment. The entry is also praised for the well-designed seaside trail with public outdoor spaces. The entry was prepared by a team called South Harbour.

The jury praises the Saaret entry for understanding the nature of the site and responding well to the challenges of competition. The solution is balanced and comprehensive. High-quality outdoor spaces complement Helsinki’s seaside trail. The competition entry was prepared by Konsortium Gran.

City residents made over 800 comments on the entries for the jury to consider. In the discussion, many of the entries received praise for the quality of the seaside boulevards and public outdoor spaces – this was seen as a particularly important part of the planning process. Concerns were also raised, such as the future of the views from Tähtitorninvuori, the height of the buildings and the quality of the façades.

The discussion has been useful, as in the second phase of the competition, the designers will be given instructions, for example, on refining the façades of the buildings. The preservation of important views and the maximum height of construction have been instructed in the design principles, which the competitors must also follow.

“Taking into account the new Museum of Architecture and Design, the Old Market Hall and the harbour building as part of the whole is also essential although this is not a competition for the design of the museum. The intention is to hold a separate architectural competition for the museum later on,” reminds Mayor Vartiainen.

Entries for the second phase to be put on display in July

The selected competitors will compile more detailed entries by the end of June 2022, after which they will be available for viewing and comments on the Voice your opinion service.

The winner of the Makasiiniranta competition will be announced in late autumn 2022. The winning group will continue planning the area as partnership planning in collaboration with the City. The competition winner will also serve as the implementer of the plots to be formed on the basis of the competition entry. The City Council will later decide on the implementation agreement and approving the detailed plan created for the area.

The entries for the first phase of the competition are on display on the Voice your opinion service. After the coronavirus restrictions are lifted, you can also view the A1-sized competition designs in the Helsinki
City Hall
lobby until 8 April.

The two-phase Makasiiniranta quality and concept competition launched in May 2021 is intended for both Finnish and international operators, or consortia of operators, in the construction and real estate industry who have the technical, financial and other prerequisites to design and realise a particularly challenging and high-quality construction project along the western shore of Helsinki’s South Harbour bay.

The more detailed compositions of the teams are as follows:

  • Elävä Eteläsatama (Ålandsbanken, Tommila Architects, Architects Rudanko + Kankkunen, A-insinöörit, VSU)
  • AALTO Development (Lahdelma & Mahlamäki architects, Maisema-arkkitehtitoimisto NÄKYMÄ Oy, Sitowise)
  • South Harbour (NREP, SRV, Anttinen Oiva Architects, Nomaji Landscape Architects, Sitowise, Suunnittelutoimisto Amerikka Oy)
  • Konsortium Gran (Niam, Taaleri Infra, K2S Architecs, White Arkitekter, Ramboll Finland, Rakennuttajatoimisto HTJ Ltd.)

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