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Kasarmitori Summer provides safe encounters and also involves a summer street trial

The layout concept and traffic plans for Kasarmitori Summer are now complete. The look of the terrace area and summer streets was inspired by the seaside areas of Helsinki, summer celebrations and safe encounters.

Do we still remember that wonderful feeling of excitement and anticipation related to the Mid Summer period and summer celebrations in general? Kasarmitori Summer will celebrate freedom and safe opportunities to meet others, says Linda Bergroth, who designed the look and layout of the concept with WSP experts.

Even the streets leading to the terrace will get visitors ready to celebrate and enjoy summer, as Kasarmikatu and Pohjoinen Makasiinikatu will be decorated with floral wreaths and converted into “summer streets” to appeal to pedestrians during the summer season. The sides of the summer streets will also feature lounge areas – small maritime-themed islets – that provide the opportunity to enjoy the exciting programming arranged in the area, for example.

The summer street trials provide new and exciting routes to the terrace area, the Helsinki Biennial pavilion and the ferry dock on the shore. Another aim of the summer street trials is to create a more comfortable urban space.

Despite its central location, the Kasarmitori area is surprisingly unknown even to many locals. This trial provides a wonderful opportunity to enliven the area and invite people there to enjoy the summer, says Project Planner Henna Hovi from the traffic planning department of Helsinki’s Urban Environment Division.

In addition to the islets, the soundscape and greenery of the area will reflect the maritime theme. The floral arrangements for the area will not be quite as extravagant as last summer on Senate Square. This time, the greenery will mostly consist of various combinations of reeds, grass and hay.

A subtle and elegant blend of urban culture and nature,” describes Bergroth, who was responsible for the visual scheme of the Senate Square summer arrangement last year.

The wood board cabins that visitors became familiar with last summer on Senate Square will once again serve as the sales points – this time coloured in subdued grey. Kasarmitori will feature 12 sales points in total, a kiosk and seating for roughly 560 people. The restaurateurs for the terrace were selected in April.

Sculptor Pekka
’s Winter War Monument ‘Lightbringer,’ which stands proudly on Kasarmitori Square, was also considered in the design process and provided with the space and attention it deserves. The rays of light filtered through the piece are an essential element of Kasarmitori’s look during the summer.

Light bringers are in high demand today, too, which is why it is our hope that Kasarmitori Summer can serve as one,” Bergroth concludes.

Coronavirus safety has been the starting point for the design of the entire terrace and street trial area. For example, the positioning of hand washing stations and directions of travel were considered carefully. 

The summer arrangements and activities on Kasarmitori Square are a joint project of various City of Helsinki divisions. The practical organisation and coordination is handled by real estate development company Helsingin Leijona Oy. The Kasarmitori summer terrace is planned to open on Helsinki Day on 12 June and remain open every day until 15 August.

Health security in the context of Kasarmitori Summer:

  • National coronavirus policies are the basis for the design and operation of the entire terrace area.
  • Use of space in the area has been carefully considered based on safe distances, appropriate customer capacity, directions of travel, table and sales point positioning, etc.
  • The area will feature clear signposts that specify safety instructions, directions of travel, etc.
  • The area will include hand washing stations (running water).
  • The area will include a sufficient number of toilets in which hygiene is a priority (cleaning, directions of travel, hand washing opportunities)
  • The area will be under intensified monitoring.

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Photo: Kokoro