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Approximately 7,000 terrace customers enjoyed Kasarmitori Summer’s offerings on the opening weekend – in addition to food and drink, an experiential art menu was also available

The opening of Kasarmitori Summer on Helsinki Day, 12 June, immediately attracted almost 7,000 lovers of good food and drink on the opening weekend. In addition to the summer taste experiences, Kasarmitori will also provide a wonderful art menu with more than 300 art and culture professionals.

– It was really wonderful to watch when people began to arrive curiously on the opening day and how they took over the market, enjoyed the food of the restaurants, the program numbers and being able to meet one another. Kasarmitori Square, once considered to be slightly remote, has indeed been found! rejoices Peggy Bauer, Store Site Manager of Helsingin Leijona Oy, which is responsible for organizing Kasarmitori Summer.

In addition to the 7,000 customers, the market area and summer streets also attracted a large number of other interested visitors. Although the crowd was large, there was space for everyone and no congestion. Coronavirus safety has, in principle, already been taken into account in the design of the entire terrace and the street experimental area. The distances between the tables, the hand washing points and the queuing directions have been carefully considered.

Art experiences for every taste

In addition to the food and beverage experiences, there is an opportunity to enjoy an art program in the summer at Kasarmitori, which will be performed by more than 300 art and culture professionals. Included are e.g. street music, circus, secret cartoons, contemporary dance, theatre, classical music, ethno, jazz and pop performed by both familiar and even more unknown Helsinki artists. Various spoken word interpretations of the legendary Merisää radio weather report for seafarers can also be heard at the square. On Sundays, Kasarmitori Square has a program especially for families with children.

– We hope that Kasarmitori Summer will be able to create vitality for the restaurant, event and cultural sectors that have suffered from the coronavirus, and restore the confidence of both Helsinki residents and tourists in active city life and safe encounters, says Cultural Director of the City of Helsinki Mari Männistö.

For those who spend Midsummer in the city, Kasarmitori Summer offers a great place to party- with its floral wreaths and summer delicacies. For example, on Midsummer Eve, from 12:00-13:00, Emma Salokoski & Johanna Juhola will perform on the terrace stage.

In the week after Midsummer, Kasarmitori Square will function as the official after-party location for Pride. At that time, the music on weekday evenings will be handled by popular DJs, such as Yeboyah & Wekesa and Awa. Rainbow experiences for the whole family are promised on Sunday 4 July.

– In June, we will start the program with more caution and, together with the artists, we will feel and observe how the marketplace and the summer streets work to ensure the health of the public. But if the coronavirus situation allows, July-August will be a real cultural summer at Kasarmitori! promises Kasarmitori Summer’s program producer Tiina Laukkanen.

Kasarmitori Summer’s art menu is published month by month at

First week’s FAQ:

  1. Are dogs welcome on the terrace? Yes! They also have their own drinking dishes at the marketplace.
  2. Are there giant screens on the terrace to watch sports? No. Kasarmitori is a screen-free area – we wish to focus on food, drink and art.
  3. Do you also serve breakfast on the terrace? Yes. The terrace opens at 9 am and several stalls also offer summer breakfasts.

Kasarmitori Summer:

  • Open every day from June 12-15 August, 09:00-23:00.
  • 13 restaurant operators
  • more than 300 arts and culture professionals
  • 560 customer places
  • 950 metres from Helsinki Central Railway Station
  • Summer street trials: Kasarmikatu and Pohjoinen Makasiinikatu
  • #kasarmitorinkesä 

Restaurants involved in Kasarmitori Square Summer:

June Programme

Thursday 17 June

Art terrace
17:00-17.30 Merisää: Joska Josafat

Friday 18 June

Art terrace and summer streets
10-18 Salaiset sarjakuvat (Secret Cartoons): Aiju Salminen

Art terrace
17:00-17.30 Merisää: Joska Josafat
18:00-19:00 Rising names of Kasarmitori Summer: Aurora

Saturday 19 June

Art terrace
11:00-11.30 Merisää: Joska Josafat
World music centre at Kasarmitori Summer! Ramithawi

Summer streets and terrace area
14:00-17:00 Cirko: Circus experiences

Sunday for the whole family 20 June

Summer streets and terrace area
11-14 Cirko: Circus experiences and close-up magic
11:00-14:00 Hupsansaan take away -surprise bags for kids

Tuesday 22 June

Art terrace
15:00-16.15 Expert Panel: Sports as a playing field for politics

I panel: The policy of power in sports
Jan Vapaavuori, Mayor, Chairperson of the Finnish Olympic Committee
Sari Essayah, Member of Parliament, Member of the IOC
Tuomas Forsberg, Director, University of Helsinki Research Council

II panel: Sports, Human Rights and Ethics
Kati Lehtonen, Senior Research Fellow, LIKES Research Centre for Physical Activity and Health
Kaari Mattila, Secretary General, The Finnish League for Human Rights organisation
Riku Riski, football player

Summer streets
16.30–17.30 Street music: Joska Josafat & Valtteri

Wednesday 23 June

Summer streets
11.30-12.30 Street music: Joska Josafat & Valtteri

Friday 25 June

Art terrace
12-13 Light daytime music: Emma Salokoski & Johanna Juhola

Saturday 26 June

Art terrace
18-19.30 Blues-evening: Lena & The Slide Brothers

Monday 28 June

Summer streets
16.30-17.30 Street music: Joose Ojala & Helena Taskila

Art terrace
19-22 Pride: DJ’s Yeboyah & Wekesa

Tuesday 29 June

Art terrace
19-22 Pride: DJ Awa

Wednesday 30 June

Art terrace
19-22 Pride: MILK dj’s (Mr.A & Janne X)

Health safety in the context of Kasarmitori Square Summer:

  • National coronavirus policies are the basis for the design and operation of the entire terrace area.
  • Use of space in the area has been carefully considered based on safe distances, appropriate customer capacities, directions of movement, table and sales point positioning, etc.
  • The area features clear signposts that specify safety instructions, directions of movement, etc.
  • The area includes hand washing stations (running water) and hand sanitiser is also available
  • The area includes a sufficient number of toilets in which hygiene is a priority (cleaning, directions of movement, hand washing opportunities)
  • The area is under enhanced supervision