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47 064 residents of Helsinki took part in the OmaStadi voting

In October’s OmaStadi vote, residents of Helsinki voted on 396 proposals. 75 proposal plans were voted to be implemented. 

Check out the area-specific voting results.

Helsinki in general: A sufficient number of neat rubbish bins with room for cigarette butts, EUR 50,000, 7,044 votes.

Southern: Removal of rubbish from the sea and the minimization of risks, EUR 35,000, 2,318 votes.
Eastern: More rubbish bins for Kontula and other parts of Eastern Helsinki, as well as more frequent emptying of the bins, EUR 40,000, 1,348 votes.
South-eastern: Renovating Tuhkimonpuisto in Roihuvuori to make it safe, pleasant and suitable for various user groups, EUR 290,000, 1,477 votes.
Central: More greenery for the areas of Kallio, Harju, Sörnäinen and Vallila!, EUR 60,000, 2,333 votes
North-eastern: Recreation spaces on the banks of the Vantaanjoki river, EUR 100,000, 1,467 votes.
Western: Skateboarding spot for Western Helsinki, EUR 500,000, 1,332 votes.
Northern: Disc golf course for Central Park, EUR 150,000 euros, 583 votes.

– This time, OmaStadi’s vote was a perfect indication that the residents of Helsinki want to develop their living environment and our common Helsinki. OmaStadi is a great way to listen to the residents, make wanted reforms and create something completely new. Every development proposal and the votes given to the proposals will take us towards a better city, says Mayor of Helsinki Juhana Vartiainen. The mayor confirms the result of the OmaStad vote, after which the result of the vote is approved.

Implementation of the proposals will begin during 2022.
During 2022, the service can monitor the preparation and progress of the implementation of plans.

The Helsinki of one’s dreams is created together

– In this autumn’s vote, it was found that voters were on the move in large numbers, especially in promoting the affairs of their own district. Many proposals concerning the whole of Helsinki also received votes. It seems that OmaStadi has become familiar to many people and, through that, they can already participate smoothly in joint development, says Development manager Kirsi Verkka.

Helsinki residents voted online and in a polling stations. The voting time was 6 October–28 October 2021. The voting percentage was 8.1.

OmaStadi is the City of Helsinki’s way of providing participatory budgeting services. Helsinki has allocated 8.8 million euros to realising residents’ wishes. The ideas will be developed together into proposals that Helsinki residents can vote on. The City will then bring the highest-voted proposals to reality.

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Realized proposals for the first round of OmaStad (2018-2019)

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